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New Master Program 2IS for 2017-2018

le 21 décembre 2016
The opening of a new master MIAGE program (2IS) is expected for 2017-2018.
The opening of the new master program Innovative Information Systems (2IS) of the Master MIAGE is expected for september 2017.

This Master program is designed for Bachelor students in IT aiming to expand their knowledge on innovative information technologies. The program consists of core courses in the areas of Business Intelligence and Analytics, Business Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, combined with a variety of applied projects.

Lectures, tutorials and practical works will be given in English.

For more details consult the 2IS webpage or download the presentation flyer [PDF - 699 Ko].

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Changements de noms des formations

A la rentrée 2016-2017, les formations changent de nom:

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