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Master 2IS - Innovative Information Systems

The 2IS Master program is designed for Bachelor students in information technologies (IT) aiming to expand their knowledge on innovative information technologies. 2IS is organised by researchers of IRIT (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse), one of the major French institutes in computer science.

2IS is a MIAGE Master program (Méthodes Informatiques Appliquées à la Gestion des Entreprises), which is the reference Master in France for information technology. MIAGE programs are run by more than 20 universities in France.


Innovative information technologies reinvent and transform businesses. Artificial intelligence, big data and web-service orchestration drastically impact end-users as automation is at the heart of business processes.

2IS proposes a unique and broad perspective on innovation in IT in a 2-year program:
-Innovative software solutions such as advanced programming, self service business intelligence, machine learning and distributed databases.
-Innovative software development methods such as agile management and collaborative design.
-Innovation and entrepreneurship in strategy and management.

Admission requirements, fees, and scholarships

To enrol you must hold a Bachelor in Information Technologies or an equivalent title (minimum 3 years of study), as well as a certification of English proficiency at B2 level.

Tuiton fees are about 250 euros per year (as an excellence program the Master 2IS does not apply the differential fees for foreign students). For all details consult the webpage of the international relation office.

Our university does not provide scolarships nor student accommodation. Eiffel scolarships are available at national level, the internal deadline is usually in November of the previous year. A prize of around 500 euros is awarded by the Faculty of IT to first-class students during the first year of the master.

Living costs in Toulouse are around 800€ per month, with accommodation costing around 300/400 euros per month for a room in a shared apartment or a small studio. Social security in France is free for all students (or subject to a small fee of around 100 euros per year).

Career prospects

All MIAGE graduate students have a unique combination of technical and business skills, guaranteeing a high employability in the software or consulting sector.

Typical positions held by MIAGE graduate students are:

- business analyst
- management and IT consultant
- IT project management
- BI consultant
- big data consultant
- software analyst
- data analyst
- innovative software architect 
- software entrepreneur

Our students have been interns at: Capgemini, Continental,, Airbus, LEGOS, Gisaia, R++, Volkswagen China, Sopra Steria, Roamler NL, Dassault...



Program and course description


The description of each course can be found in the Syllabus booklet.
Semester 1 - Fundamentals Semester 2 - Towards Innovation
Business intelligence (4 ECTS) Business process modelling (5 ECTS)
Data analytics (4 ECTS) Artificial intelligence (5 ECTS)
Project management and agility (5 ECTS) Web services (5 ECTS)
Advanced programming in Java (4 ECTS) Marketing and entrepreneurship (5 ECTS)
Software analysis and design (4 ECTS)
Foreing language (French or English) (6 ECTS)
Professionalisation courses
Soft skills and personal development (4 ECTS)
Research workshop 1 (2 ECTS) Research workshop 2 (2 ECTS)
Term project 1 (2 ECTS) Internship or term project 2 (3 ECTS)

Semester 3 - Innovation in IT Semester 4 - Innovation in Action
Innovative software methods (6 ECTS + project week) 5-month internship
in a company, followed
by a final examination
(20 ECTS)
Innovative data management (6 ECTS + project week)
Cybersecurity (2 ECTS)
Internet of things and web development (6 ECTS + project week)
Advanced topics in artificial intelligence (6 ECTS + project week)
Sustainable information systems (2 ECTS)
User interface and user experience (2 ECTS + project week)
Strategy and innovation (5 ECTS)
Foreing language (French or English, 3 ECTS)
Research workshop 3 (2 ECTS)

At the Faculty of Information Technologies of University of Toulouse Capitole, we promote innovative teaching methods: capstone projects, flipped classrooms and serious games. We go beyond teaching hard skills, proposing training on soft skills like teamwork and communication skills classes.

The master 2IS participates to Disrupt Campus Toulouse

Living in Toulouse


Toulouse hosts more than 14.000 international students, and the University of Toulouse offers dedicated services to facilitate the your arrival:
  • Toul’Box : customisable packages that you can purchase before arrival, providing you with a bank account, health insurance, sim card... up to looking for an accommodation for you (price range 400-600 EUR per month).
  • Welcome Desk : the first place to visit upon arrival, provides support to all prospective students, with a dedicated office for visa applications.
  • Here is a guide on student housing written by the international relations office of UT Capitole
The University of Toulouse Capitole campus is conveniently located in the city center, with nearby co-working cafés and surrounded by vibrant startup environment:

For general information about studying in France consult:

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How to apply

International students from Campus France countries: apply to the local Campus France office and by using the platform Etudes En France.

French, European students and students who reside in France or Europe: Applications are open from March 11th to March 24th 2024 here : eCandidatures.
Interview and response in April-May.

International students from non-Campus France countries: Applications are open from March 11th to March 24th 2024 here : eCandidatures.
Interviews and response in June.

Make sure to apply to the degree via the procedure you are affected by as one platform does not overturn the other.

Applications consist of CV, grade transcripts, cover letter and evidence of English proficiency (CEF level B2 required - list of accepted certificates).


Prospective students are encouraged to make contacts at any time during the year.

David Simoncini

Chihab Hanachi


Bienvenue en France

The University of Toulouse Capitole has the label "Bienvenue en France" with 3 stars, showing the highest quality of welcome to international students.


If your company is interested in hiring interns in innovative information systems and is based in Europe, please contact us at the email addresses above.

Presentation video and interviews

International partners

We have Erasmus and student exchange agremeents with the following universities:
  • Spain: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Université de Séville, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Universitat Politécnica de Valencia
  • The Netherlands: Universiteit Maastricht, Universiteit van Tilburg
  • Portugal: Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  • Belgium: KU Leuven
  • Chili: Universidad Diego Portales (Santiago)
  • Perou: Universidad del Pacifico (Lima)
  • Japan: Univeristy of Keio (Tokyo)
The 2IS master participates to the European University ENGAGE, providing real and virtual courses exchange with a number of European universities.

Graduation pictures

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